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Critically Customized

Great Beyond Adventures believes that your idea of adventure is what we will and should work towards. Like other companies we have several trips that encompass the world, but maybe you don't want to go that far or maybe you want to go further? We work to address all of your needs, cater to your idea of adventure and provide the depth of experience across the globe in order to make it perfect for you. There is no request that should not be made,  no whim left unexplored or idea brought up. Unfortunately we do not allow hunting unless you're using a large lens and of course it has to be legal. 
Critically customizing each and every itinerary is how we do it. We work with you and we allow you and encourage you to aid in the development of the adventure. We ask questions, we get to know you, your past adventures or perhaps your very own "bucket list". We then provide the feedback on how your request is possible or not possible in the worst case scenario. Trust us, most things are possible you just need to work with a company that will actually customize your trip beyond just having a private departure. All of our trips are private departure unless you tell us otherwise. When your adventure is critically customized, it does not incur additional fees, you are not charged for small group travel and most importantly It's your adventure and we welcome the chance to make it happen for you. 
Here are our some of our typical questions:
  • What was your best vacation and why?
  • What was your worst vacation and why?
  • Favorite place you have been?
  • How active do you want to be on your adventure?
  • Are you an adventurous eater?
  • How much do you want to give back?
  • Do you have a budget in mind?
  • How long can you be away?
  • When do you want to leave?
  • Who will you be traveling with?
  • Any fears or dislikes we should be aware of?  
As you give us the answers, we will get to know you and what you want in your adventure. Allow us to to critically customize your next adventure!