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The Latest Adventures

At Great Beyond Adventures, we constantly challenge ourselves to discover the next great adventure, the next unexplored destination, or the next new activity. Then we use our new discoveries to create an expedition just for you. We started Great Beyond Adventures because we love new sights, new places, and new experiences. We strive to constantly learn – from you, from each other, from friends and acquaintances, and from unexpected sources – so that we can craft uncommon journeys just for you.

The absolute latest Great Beyond Adventures:

Tracing Shackleton’s Footsteps
18 days / October - November
Pricing is based on group size and seasonality
• Follow in the footsteps of Shackleton with a small group of intrepid skiers. Cross South Georgia Island on an unsupported ski trek, pulling sledges through Alpine passes and stunning glaciers.

• Soak up the harsh and breathtaking beauty of the South Atlantic Ocean and its abundance of wildlife, including abundant flocks of Antarctic birds like albatrosses, shearwaters, petrels, prions and skuas.

• At Salisbury Plain, we’ll get a rare glimpse at world’s second-largest King Penguin colony as well as herds of elephant seals.

An Explorers Arctic Base Camp
15 days
Pricing is based on group size and seasonality
• Camp under the icy Arctic stars.

• Kayak across the deep green waters of the Arctic Ocean.

• Hike, snowshoe, or even climb across the tundra under expert guidance.

• Dive under the frigid waters around North Spitsbergen.

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